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The Apathetic Feminist

I may not be your kind if your kind is faint of heart.

30 October 1975
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I work hard for the money. I like caramel a lot. I drive an SUV that has actually left the pavement. I am married to the goofy but lovable justindustin. I have a lovable mutt dog named Sadie. She is part yardstick, part dentures and part cute. I am mom to my husband's mini-me. She is truly a miniature version of him, except for her nose, which she gets from me (thank goodness!) I live in the metro Atlanta, GA area. I live in a nice house with my nice husband, my sweet little daughter, and my mutt dog.

Feel free to add me, but just drop a comment in the post that inspired you to add me. Otherwise, I will never know to add you back since I rarely actually check to see if I am somebody's new best friend.

I am the moderator over at gammaphi. If you have an issue with a post in that community, please email me personally and keep it out of my journal. I will address your concerns as soon as I see your email.

I am highly opinionated and since this is my journal, my dumping grounds for what's on my mind, I tend to say what I am thinking. A lot of what I say it is icky and makes people uncomfortable. I won't apologize for it. I don't censor myself.

This journal is friends-only. Once upon a time, it was public. As I have gotten older, I have come to the conclusion I don't want random strangers reading about my life anymore. I value my privacy, but I am also willing to make new friends. I've been on LJ for almost 7 years now, and although I don't post as often as I once did, I still post enough to keep things interesting.

All posts in this journal belong exclusively to me and may not be reproduced in any manner without my written permission.

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